Boat hauling and boat shrink wrapping in CT and RI, both services from one company!

Shrink the Boat Transportation

Pete’s Marine Services operates in Connecticut and Rhode Island coastal areas.  Now that the summer weather is over we offer boat hauling and shrink wrapping services to protect your boat from all weather conditions.

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Shrink Wrapping Services… Why Wrap your Boat?

close up photo of icicles

New England winters are tough on exposed boats.  Water gets into small cracks in wood and fiberglass and expands as it freezes, resulting in cracks and breaks.

An exposed boat is also a dirty boat, filled with leaves and debris.  While it can be swept out in spring, the weathering effect leaves your boat a little more degraded every year.

Protect your investment by winterizing with shrink wrapping!

Prepping your boat for shrink wrapping

Peter Chappell leaning over a boat to shrink the plastic shrink wrapping material with heat gun

Here’s a list of prep work for getting your boat ready for shrink wrapping…

Prep List:
Drop Antennas
Remove all lines, bumpers
Remove or stow fishing related items
Stow or remove loose items, cushions
Clean out water, dirt, debris

Time to shrink wrap your boat!

photo of a boat with white shrink wrapping covering it. An example of a service offered.

Winterizing season is here.  It’s time to get your boat shrink-wrapped to protect it during the winter months.  Shrink wrapping is a cost effective way to protect your investment in your boat.  By keeping your boat free of debris and water and especially ice damage you can look forward to quickly getting back on the water in the spring.

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